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About Us


    Dedicated to the Care, Protection, & Empowerment of Our Youth

    Piikani Child Family Services Team



    IKKSTSII’ATONAOKSIS (Thin Needles) - Sandra Marie Grier (Big Bull)

    Sandra Marie Grier
    Piita Pookaiski


    Sandra Grier was a leader, a caregiver, and a visionary. She walked a life resiliently always with the intentions to care for the seven generations, keeping her head up working towards assisting the community in any way she could. Working diligently through Children’s Services with elders and community to form programs such as; Keep the Circle Strong, Family Violence Services, the Rites of Passage, the Family Enhancement Program, the Suicide Prevention Program along with many more. Sandra was able to later develop Child Protection Services in Piikani in 2002 which then led to create one of the best resources that is still assisting families today. She sat as the director from 2002 till her passing, as well as previously for Children’s Services from 1989 – 2002 prior to development of Child Protection Services. Sandra strived on creating a nurturing environment for youth and families, while building a sense a community in Piikani. Her presence forever lives on within the hearts of her family, her youth and the community. Sandra’s truly a guardian angel for Piikani Nation, a place she forever believed was home.


    Joseph C Yellow Horn - Chairman/Elder
    Patricia English - Community Member
    Hope Grier-Stewart - Community Member
    Lowell Yellow Horn - Council Rep
    Fabian North Peigan - Council Rep.


    Joseph C Yellow Horn - Chairman/Elder


    Shirley Crowshoe - Language Rep

    Piikani Child and Family Services