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  • Coming Soon…Piikani Paitapiiyssin v2.0

    We are on the verge of launching Piikani Paitapiiyssin version 2.0…final preparations are being made on the Google Play and Apple platforms and will be available for download soon. Please be patient as it can often take sometime for the app to propagate on the platform and become available. We’re very excited about the Piikani […]

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  • PCFS Helping to Strengthen Social Workers in Alberta

    The University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work, Southern Alberta RegionWould like to recognize your agency: Piikani Child and Family Services For its outstanding contribution to our Field Education Program in 2018/2019.  Your agency provides  Exceptional practicum opportunities for our social work students, allowing them to deepen their knowledge, gain valuable experience and develop a […]

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